Industry Trends

Indian Snack Trends
Snack is a kind of meal which is not eaten as lunch or dinner but to mitigate hunger between these meals. It is popular in every segment and available easily anywhere whether you are preferring potato chips or eating pizzas all comes under snacks. The knack of snack has changed drastically in India. Today, various companies are launching their products in Indian market and it became the preferred choice of consumers. Today people not only going for just a snack but they are preferring something healthy, vegan snacks and if it is non-vegetarian then also the quality is utmost important. Apart from these, people opting for healthy snacks, so producers and companies are paying high attention to that. The ball of innovation is rolling every day in Indian snack market and you will find new tastes and varieties of snacks in BWE 2017.

Get Real Coffee Experience
The Bakery World Expo 2017 will give visitors the opportunity to smell, taste and get the best new coffee products in the market. With several big players from coffee industry around the world, visitors can find out what turns a good coffee into a great coffee. This event invites the visitors to know what various coffee chains are doing to sustain in the market. BWE also have some seminars, conferences and live-presentations and workshops, these will definitely let you learn that how such little brown beans turns into liquid gold. You can also find various coffee machines in the exhibition. Meet the professionals and experts to learn about the business model, budget and preference.

Technological Advancements
Urbanisation is the need of the hour in bakery industry. Today, people are moving towards gourmet breads and healthy bakery products and this led to more advancement in this industry. Companies are not only preferring general machines like biscuits, bread or cookies makers but now they are opting for pizza rollers, donut makers, photo printing machines which directly print on cakes for decoration purpose. All these equipments are fuel efficient which does not harm the environment. BWE gives a perfect platform to showcase equipments and machines to add more innovations in this international event.

Packaging solutions
Today, a beautiful package is not everything. People opt for hygiene and good packaging. The product enclosed in the package requires protection from various factors such as temperature, compression, damage etc. Secondly, packaging helps in distribution, handling, opening, display etc., more appropriately. The labels on packaging help the consumers to understand how to use, its date of manufacturing and ingredients. Apart from this, it also helps the safe shipment of products without any damage. It is very evident that packaging is one of the most essential segments in bakery industry.