Focal Point

Consumption of bakery products was not a part of Indian culture. But with rising western influence on Indian food consumption, people’s eating habits has also changed a lot. Today, bakery products have gained tremendous popularity among people of all age groups. Rising preference for premium biscuit category is another factor that will contribute in the volume growth for the industry. Companies are catering the market as per the need of Indian people in order to satiate the burgeoning appetite of the 'health conscious' Indian. Several international bakery chains have entered in India recognizing potential of the industry.

Training and Other USP Advantages
  • BWE will tap the gap present in the market, it will not only cater the pan-India but it will also focus the international industry with their content and service standards
  • The event will have high profile side events (i.e. machine demonstrations, training workshops, seminars etc.) which are well organised and advertised to attract the optimum mix of exhibitors and visitors
  • Focus of the show will be on providing the Indian bakery sector a premium platform which is missing in the market at the moment, with most of the shows being organised by small time organisers or Govt. agencies
  • BWE will gather support from all the leading stakeholders in the industry and will bring them on one stage alongside industry leading exhibitors, visitors, chefs and speakers both from India and abroad
  • BWE will have a strong B2B meeting programme with a special focus on international exhibitors so that they get the most out of their participation
  • BWE will be a unique combination of RX’s world class event organisation expertise, success of RX’s international experience in the bakery space, domestic market influence and presence and the sector knowledge of the partner stakeholders